Twenty years from now, life and death in America have changed.  Genetic engineering has shattered the boundaries of science as we know it.  Life expectancy has increased dramatically.  Organ transplant is at an all time high. But social, medical and welfare resources are stretched to breaking point.  So, the Government comes up with a solution…

It’s called UNWINDING.

Parents can now “Unwind” their troubled teens - a surgical process by which all of a teen’s body parts are harvested for organ donation. And, according to the law, these teens are not dead, they are just living in a “divided state”.

In this world gone mad, if you’re a teenager, you’re a target until your 18th birthday.  Yes, you’d better start running…

UNWIND is the multi-award winning young adult novel from acclaimed author Neal Shusterman.

Image courtesy of Simon & Schuster UK. Sam Hadley, cover illustrator. Copyright 2007